With the best intentions

Anyone else suffering from the post-Christmas blues? The holiday came and went so fast this year. Our Christmas tree is literally disintegrating into dust and pine needles in the corner of our apartment, a twinkling little fire hazard, and I don’t feel like Christmas has happened.

I didn’t get that Christmas-y moment that I wanted or felt like I should have. Our family around the tree, the kids (at least the 3 year  old) excitedly exclaiming that Santa had come, Nick and I smiling over hot coffee (does this shit still exist? I have 2 kids so I’m not even sure) as we watch presents we painstakingly picked out get opened and discarded as Jovie and Juniper contentedly play with the packaging.

At least we got a picture of Juniper dressed as packaging.

Instead this year Jovie was sick. Real sick. She moaned on the couch begging everyone to stop opening presents. Eventually we propped her up in a bedroom with tv show and some water and just let her be. Nick and my mom got me the same (incredibly luxurious) gift, which totally let the wind out of his sails. And all of this happened 4 hours from home in my parents wonderful mountain house where it was cold, but not quite cold enough to bring the snow that would have made a lovely white Christmas.

Double snuggles
The first and only time Jovie has ever taken a voluntary nap. This kid was really sick.

Everything was just fine. But nothing was great. And it’s hard with the momentum of the month of December to tumble into a pile of “just fine” at the end of the month. But the experience has got me thinking about the New Year in a different way. Because I shouldn’t be crapped out over a not-so-picture-perfect holiday. And I think that there are tweaks in my life that I can make now and moving forward to, as my father would put it, give me an attitude adjustment.

So here are some goals and intentions I want to carry with me into 2018.

  1. Take time out each day for gratitude.
    • I want to spend a couple moments each night reflecting on all the good I have going. Myself and my family have SO much to be thankful for. And I want to spend some more time reveling in those good thoughts. But I’m not buying 30 fancy colored markers and learning calligraphy or anything..I’m just going to write it down…regular…ok? Ok.


  1. Spend more time with my immediate family.
    • It is easy to see, looking back over the holiday season, how quickly I can overbook my time. Even visits with other family members can be draining when they involve traveling and herding kids. I want to schedule some off weekends for all of us recharge and enjoy each other with no timeline.
  2. Actively pursue my dreams.
    • Over the course of 2017 I waxed poetic about starting a blog, working on a YouTube channel or learning how to use my camera better. And I didn’t do any of it because I was too “busy” (read: scanning Facebook and Instagram on the sofa). I want to take back control of my time, stop staring mindlessly at my phone so often and so something creative that will feed my soul (and maybe make me some new friends! Cause that shit is hard after college). And once I start this blog..this thing that you’re reading right now..I want to actually tell people I know that I am doing it. Which is really the most terrifying part but also, the most exciting.

Three seems like a good solid number. I mean, I also would like to cool it on the sugar and lose 10 lbs but I’m just being realistic over here. I’ll check back in on these goals in 3 months and see if anything has stuck. I’m feeling cautiously optimistic.

Hey 2018, you’re looking pretty good.