Whole30 Log – Day 6 and Week 2 Meal Plan!

I’ve almost survived the first week! Aside from the sugar cravings (I found a single Hersey’s kiss in our pantry and just stared at it…I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away…It’s sitting next to my container of chocolate chips now..)  and that fact that my three year old is completely impossible it’s going well. I think I’m on the other side of the headachy, brain fog-filled days. And I’m working through all of the digestive side effects.

I have IBS. Which is one of the main reasons I am drawn to the Whole30 program. If you don’t know what IBS is you’re a lucky bastard. It’s pretty much the condition you get pegged with when doctors don’t know why you have digestive issues. I don’t take any medications for my symptoms but I have recently (for the last 7 months) switched to a gluten-free lifestyle and seen marked improvement.

Starting the Whole30 my last few times has wreaked havoc on my delicate digestive track and not much is different this time around. I’ll spare you the details. Things usually die down around the 2nd week but it is SO annoying to feel terrible when all you’re trying to do is feel awesome.

We have had a week of pretty stellar dinners which has been pulling through the not so great parts. I’ll post a first week round of of recipe reviews tomorrow but we definitely found at least one recipe that will stay in the family meals rotation even after the Whole30.

And I wrote my meal plan and did the grocery shopping for next week! One week in and I remembered how much cooking is involved in this program so I am trying to get my act together and do some actual food prep today and tomorrow. I can do this.

Week 2 – Whole30 Meal Plan

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