Whole30 Log – Day 3

Good feeling gone. I think, according to the “official” Whole30 timeline I’m not supposed to hate everyone until day 5 or 6? But what can I say…I’m advanced. Also it was bagel day at work and sitting 15 ft from toasting bagels all morning made my cranky and hungry.

I tried to reflect on my true feelings… was I REALLY hungry? Or was this just a sugar withdrawal craving. But then I heard the toaster pop again and rage took over. Luckily I’m still employed as of this evening so there is some silver lining.

Whole30 Essentials – you get me Target

I did escape to Target for some supplies. I got this Malk almond milk to put in my coffee and it is delightful. Only 3 ingredients! And none of the gums! I grabbed some of the individually packaged raw mix nuts for the convenience and so I don’t over snack. I also grabbed a big container of them for my husband. Also picked up these emergency sweet potatoes for when eggs sound way to gross to eat for breakfast.

I’m feelin’ a little better about life now that I’ve had a big bowl of chili and a banana with almond butter and shredded (unsweetened – I promise) coconut and have escaped everyone and their delicious crispy carbs.

It was so good I forgot to take a picture.