Whole30 log – Day 18

Is anyone else tired?

I’m tired of shopping. Tired of chopping. Tired of chewing. And just physically worn out.

These last few days is when people talk about the TIGER BLOOD switching on I’ve been dragging ass.

This has happened to me before on the Whole30. I feel like I am trying so hard. Working the program to the best of my ability and just getting NOTHING in return.

It’s rough.

It makes me wonder, why am I doing this? It makes me question, am I doing this right? I’m not eating that much nut butter (still on the first jar!). I’m not drowning my sugar cravings in Lara Bars. I’m drinking as much water as physically possible without moving full time into the bathroom.

Maybe I need more leafy greens? Can you overdue it on the cauliflower? I’m going to try adding a few more salads, maybe some wilted kale into next weeks meal plan and see if that lights up an neurons for me.

The Whole30 forum is filled with advice for when you hit the wall. And it seems that many people do. The suggestion that’s hardest to swallow – try a Whole60. Because feeling like crap and spending all your money on organic everything wasn’t tough enough for 30 days. Even as I mock it I’m still considering it. I want this “endless energy”; I want the Whole30 glow. I want to feel like I suffered (I know, 1st world suffering) for something. I also want to feel like if I try hard enough I can feel good in my body. Maybe it’s just the sugar cravings messing with my brain. Hopefully I’m just a TIGER BLOOD late bloomer.

Regardless of my success rate my food has been REALLY yummy. So, there is one thing working for me. Here’s my meal plan for the week-

Week 3 – Whole30 Meal Plan

Recipes locations are noted where possible but I am getting much better at ad-libbing these meals.

Wednesday’s dinner featured this sauce which I can HIGHLY recommend. So creamy, tangy, just the right amount of spicy. I even stretched it with a half a can of coconut milk and it was still amazing.

Seriously yummy- you should go get some for when you really don’t want to cook anything.

So try the sauce and if you’re feeling great – OH GOOD FOR YOU. I’ll be sulking, alone, with no food because you’re not supposed to eat your feelings.