Whole30 log – Day 11

Today my CEO handed me large, chocolate chip and walnut cookie. It was right after I had a particularly un-satifiying lunch of dry chicken and weirdly rubbery broccoli. He didn’t know he was being an asshole. And I know deep inside that he wouldn’t try to keep me from realizing a goal. But man, I REALLY want to eat this cookie.

He gave it to me 8 hours ago. I still have it. I tried to pawn it off on Nick but unlike me he can just let sweets lie around the house. Nick doesn’t sit around thinking about how he could be eating them. That really it would be better to eat them all now because then they would be gone and he could start eating better tomorrow…

I really don’t know how he lives life this way.

The Cookie.
Inside this bag is a giant cookie.

The moral of this story is that day 11 of the Whole30 is hard. And I really REALLY want a cookie.